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Help Hammerheads get to Worlds!

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Help Hammerheads get to Worlds! Empty Help Hammerheads get to Worlds!

Post by Techno Tribe on Thu Mar 03, 2011 10:50 am

Hello Everyone,
I am the coach of a rookie team, the Techno Tribe. Our new state champs, the Hammerheads, have been our mentors this year and they have helped us tremendously! We would now like to be Gracious Professionals and help them in return. Between registration, travel, lodging and food, the five families that make up the Hammerheads are going to need to put out close to $10,000 before all is said and done! We'd like to help them but, we need a little assistance.

Here's what I'd like to propose. We would like to host a Robotathon in either Eustis or Umatilla on April 2nd. (Details still in the works!) We would need 6 to 8 teams to join our 2 teams. Team members would obtain pledges from people who would agree to pay a certain amount per point scored by their teams robot. We would give each team 3 runs and they would then collect their pledges based on their highest score for the day. For example: Jake gets Grandma to pledge 25 cents per point scored. Jake's robot scores 230 points. Grandma would then pay Jake $57.50.

If we have 8 to 10 teams participate we could generate a considerable amount of money. I propose that we do a 75/25 split and give 75% of what we generate to the Hammerheads and have the participating teams keep the remaining 25% to help them purchase stuff for Food Factor. The Hammerheads coaches actually thought we should go 50/50 but, I think to show true GP we should help them more than 50/50.

I'd also like to propose that we do this for our state champions each year. Going to Worlds is an honor, but it also costs a lot of money! We should help our state rep with this if we can. I think this would be a fun and successful way to accomplish this.

If your team would be interested in participating, please e-mail me at lockew@lake.k12.fl.us

Wes Locke

Techno Tribe

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