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Coach/Team Contact Info Empty Coach/Team Contact Info

Post by SKAPP on Sun Sep 20, 2009 7:46 pm

Could we take a poll-- Is there anyone opposed to sharing their Team Name and Location/Coach Name and maybe email address as contact info in the "Find a Team" section? I don't know about anyone else, but I sometimes find it helpful from year to year to know who is still coaching a team in my area and I'm sure it would be helpful to new coaches to know where Teams/Coaches are located?

We say we are happy to help others, but sometimes it's very hard to find out who those "others" are? Our kids wouldn't mind meeting up for teambuilding/outing with another team, and this would be a way to contact other coaches. It also helps come tournament time with travel and making arrangements. So, is everyone game. Is there an appropriate section for Coaches to post their information?
Thanks. Shelley


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Coach/Team Contact Info Empty Re: Coach/Team Contact Info

Post by Phred on Mon Oct 26, 2009 9:26 am

I'll send out an email and see it there is something we can do.


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